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Freedom Shopping ...  self checkout for SMB's.
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Freedom Shopping ... self checkout for SMB's.

Freedom Shopping... one RFID/NFC solution that simplifies and enhances self checkout for SMB's.

There are three lines. I have one item. I'm in a hurry. I don't have time to chat with the cashier. I know what I want. I don't have any questions for the salesperson on the floor. I just want to take my purchase and checkout. Please. Why do I need to wait in line, or do I?

Depending on the store you're in, especially if it's a big box retailer like Walmart, self checkout may be an option... for many a welcome one that large organizations invested in, and continue to expand to reduce labor costs and customer wait times and improve the customer experience. However, self-checkout has been a less viable option for small and medium size businesses and specialty retail chains because of the high costs associated with the hardware investments, and the inconsistency and difficulty with consumer adoption. Problems often occur with scanning barcodes on some items and with the weight and scale confirmation activities that accompany them which results in consumer frustration and then requires assistance from a "self" checkout sales associate.

Does that qualify as an oxymoron?

Mobile and RFID/NFC technology are quickly changing this equation. RFID/NFC technology has previously been viewed mainly through the lens of tag costs, with companies often saw as high, especially when deployed at item level. Rob Simmons of Freedom Shopping notes however that, "Self-checkout is an excellent example of how RFID/NFC can simplify processes and significantly reduce capital expenditures, especially for small businesses. Any touch-screen can be repurposed with a self-checkout application, using a simple RFID checkout scanner and security gate to give a highly convenient, highly secure service to any POS at a fraction of the cost of a conventional self-checkout system."

An RFID/NFC approach also allows businesses to develop a complete enterprise approach from inventory track and trace to consumer message delivery which provide real time, geo-targeted and loyalty options and after purchase messaging. Consumer engagement is an ongoing activity and

"90 percent of smartphone owners use maps and local search... with a local purchase intent".

Many stores are also implementing and experimenting with other intelligent packaging options and in aisle and other mobile and tablet self checkout activities. Another pos and mobile activity supported by, and expanded upon with RFID/NFC technology. To this end, Freedom Shopping offers a simple way to print thermal face RFID foam tags.

Small and medium sized businesses and specialty retailers often have limited resources and floor space, and cannot staff for these unexpected customer influxes or quickly address their need for speed, often losing the business transaction while being engaged with a current customer inquiry or order.

Self-checkout solves this problem and creates win-win for the customer and the retailer.

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