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Bringing Tablets to the Table
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Bringing Tablets to the Table

Restaurants are poised to reinvigorate the dining experience. It all starts with enhancing guest engagement through the ability to create connections between guests and their food—as well as between their wallets and the tablet.

Restaurant fun has just begun as tablets take to the table, moving from backroom inventory and kitchen display to the associate's apron and the guest's fingertips. In all, mobile apps, the cloud, and virtual POS (point-of-sale) systems are on the menu for how tablets will be used in restaurants.

Tablet options in the restaurant business are being extended to include surveys for product development, gaming options, and even for search and brand activities, such as registering for loyalty programs and sharing check-ins, tips, and menu items on social media sites, aka location-based services.

Restaurants across the country are experimenting with tablets in a myriad ways, from using them to create interactive menus and virtual POS systems, to helping manage inventory, or even promoting DIY (do it yourself) ordering capabilities. In each case, it is all about the data and what information can be of most value to a restaurant. From the ability to expand marketing and customer service via real-time engagement, to creating new opportunities for improving product, operations, and businesses intelligence, powerful capabilities are certainly in store.

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