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About Near Field Connects

NFConnects is a US based consultancy providing strategic and advisory support for experiential engagement experiences for companies across all industries and channels from manufacture to aftermarket messaging.

NFConnects. It's that's simple. Really! No borders, no barriers, no boundaries.

Direct CONNECT with NFC enabled environments.

Tap "In" to NFC enabled environments ... "In"vision the "In"vironment... let us CONNECT it for you including wearables and healthcare specific products.

We currently work with numerous proprietary and disruptive technologies providers and their offerings and can create and execute for you, deploying these for engagement across channels, from conception to completion, to connect you and your consumers, providing actionable intelligence for each.

Events, trade shows, restaurants, retail shops, entertainment venues, museums, aquariums, gardens, hospitals, clinics, and items, items galore and more: clothing, containers, t-shirts, table tops, posters, labels, tables, chairs, placemats, walls and stairs... the list goes on.

Let NFConnects CONNECT you. Create GREAT!

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